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Plastic Dustbins
For simple and effective disposal of household, medical and industrial waste, we have designed Plastic Dustbins in distinctive sizes, capacities, patterns and colors. The capacities vary from 5 liters to 50 liters. These can be combined with dustbin bags to elongate their longevity.
Box File
Our Box Files are called boxes because these are structured in that manner to keep the stored documents, papers and allied items safe and organized. These are designed with transparent plastic jackets that secure the document effectively. They are impervious against dust, water and allied elements.
Plastic Pallet
For sound, safe and perfect handling and storage of materials and products, our company delivers Plastic Pallet that is outlined in blue texture. This is mainly used a solid platform to secure the flooring against scratches, abrasions, and other damages.
Advertising Stand
To promote advertising industry, we deliver Advertising Stands to the shop owners, industrialists, and many more customers to promote their brand and products. These are delivered in distinctive models such as magnetic boards, lightning panels and plain stands.
Plastic Storage Bin
Under Plastic Storage Bins, the customers can find differently designed bins that can be stacked to form a cabinet. These are utilized in offices, schools, houses and industries for keeping materials safe and organized.
Ring Binder
Our Ring Binders are immaculate choice of those customers, who always need to carry documents for business, presentation and documents transferring purposes. These are created with strongest materials such as metal grommets, plastic, paper and many more.
For proper identification of a person, we deliver lanyard that is used for holding ID cards in place. It is primarily used around the neck to carry identification mark. This can be customized in terms of fabric color, print, texts and many more configurations.
File Stationery

FILE STATIONERY is offered in a variety of exclusive designs, vibrant colors, and cutting-edge patterns, all with a flawless finish. Because of its superb quality, exceptional durability, and low weight, our clients love this file holder. This is very effective and economical to use.

Cold Box

Cold Box is used to keep vaccines and diluents cool during shipment and/or short-term storage. A cooling suitcase is extremely portable. Monthly vaccine supplies are collected and transported from district stores to the health institution using this. This is very safe to use.

SOP Folder

SOP Folder has an index tab that is readily clipped onto the top or side frame of the display panel frames for quick access to information. Here, a document in a display panel/display packet can be photocopied and is perfectly readable. Multiple sizes of folders required by the buyer are all available.

Spring File
Whether polypropylene or brown paper, buy from us both types of spring file to store documents. Companies can use these files to keep the data of different processes or different companies separately and securely.
Plastic Folder

Plastic Folder is very easy to use and safe too. The documents are kept and protected in a plastic portfolio file. Catalogs, price lists, photos, certificates, and other documents are frequently used. This folder is very much liked and highly appreciated by people, in the market.

SOP Display Information Desk Unit And Panel

SOP Display Information Desk Unit And Panel is very effective and simple to use. Our skilled specialists produce the supplied panel plus employing superior grade basic materials and cutting-edge processes.  Document that is simple to assemble and each document display screen shows two sheets of paper.

Vaccine Carrier

Vaccine Carrier is made from high-quality raw materials. The longevity and quality of this vaccine-carrying carton are well-known. Before being released to the market, our carrier box is put through a series of quality control checks. This is very easy to use and simple to carry.

Plastic Waste Bin And Garbage Bag

Plastic Waste Bin And Garbage Bag are used for the manufacturing of these waste dump makes them suitable to carry large volumes of dry as well as wet junk. There are different designs availed by our company as per the customer demands. They are very effective and safe to use.

Plastic Box File

Plastic Box Fileis made of BPA-free plastic of the highest quality. Because this box file is meant to fit together, they may easily be stacked. This file storage container has a cover that can be removed and incorporated with handles. This has an attractive design and smooth surface.

Notice Display Boards
For effective information delivery, we provide Notice Display Boards that are structured with solid and reliable materials, such as plastic, metal, magnet and many more. These have dimensionally stability and longevity that do not demand any handling or cleaning for elongated periods.
Pallet Truck

Pallet Truck is used in the construction, automotive, mining, railway, and transportation industries to transfer products. This is both simple to install and run. This Truck is a high-quality product that we offer to our consumers. Apart from that, we inspect everything to verify that it meets international quality standards.

Fabricated Crates
The provided Fabricated Crates are mainly utilized by the customers to store items such as food, documents, greasy items and many more materials. These can be stacked over one another for effective space utilization purposes.
Chalk Magnet Board
The offered Chalk Magnet Board is dimensionally stable for varied purposes. This is effectively utilized in hospitals, schools, coaching centers and allied places. It makes writing and erasing simple and fast. This additionally does not leave any mess after application.
Plastic File Folders
The customers have countless and beautiful options under Plastic Files Folders to select for their varied requirements. These are tailored from PVC and PP material. The jackets, binders and other components are perfectly integrated to make them one piece for different applications.
Sheet Protector
With our superior Sheet Protectors, you can up your document protection game and enjoy the ideal balance of use, toughness, and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your business and put these dependable and trustworthy document protectors to work for you to stop worrying about misplaced or destroyed paperwork.
Motivational Diary
This motivational diary serves as more than simply a record-keeper; it acts as a coach who encourages you as you work toward excellence. Utilize the strength of positivism and self-discovery with this beloved journal, and let it play a crucial role in your quest for a life that has greater meaning and fulfillment.