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Advertising Stand

Advertising is flourishing with each day as it is coming up with different technologies that benefit both the industries and the customers. To contribute our share into this, we have brought Advertising Stands that are tailored from both plastic and metal materials. The designs are immaculately selected and created to embellish any store, industry and different areas. These are delivered in varied models, for example, catalogue stand, magnetic holder, flip chart, and lighting poster stand. They are ideal to provide information on deals and offers alongside providing the customers with accurate information about a product. Moreover, these Advertiser Stands also function as notice boards at various places such as schools, exhibitions and many more areas.

Key Features of Advertising Stands:

  • Used for exhibitions, store displays and many more purposes
  • Come in different models with stand and lights
  • Have dimensional stability for secure and clear advertising
  • Treated and polished for longevity and durability

FAQs of Advertising Stands:

What are Advertising Stands and what are they used for?
Advertising Stands are stands made of plastic and metal materials that are used to display advertisements in different settings such as stores, exhibitions, schools, and other areas. They are designed to showcase information about products and services in a clear and attractive manner.

What types of Advertising Stands are available and what are their features?

There are different types of Advertising Stands available, including catalogue stand, magnetic holder, flip chart, and lighting poster stand. These stands come with lights and stands to hold the advertisement. They have dimensional stability, which means that they are secure and clear for advertising. Additionally, they are treated and polished for longevity and durability.

Can Advertising Stands be used as notice boards in addition to advertising?

Yes, Advertising Stands can function as notice boards in various settings such as schools and exhibitions. They are designed to display information in a clear and attractive manner, making them ideal for conveying messages or notices to a wide audience.

What are the benefits of using Advertising Stands for businesses and customers?

Advertising Stands provide businesses with an effective tool for displaying and promoting their products or services. They can attract potential customers and increase sales. For customers, Advertising Stands provide accurate information about products and services and can help them make informed decisions.

Are Advertising Stands easy to set up and use?

Yes, Advertising Stands are designed to be easy to set up and use. They come with stands and lights, which make them ready for use straight out of the box. The different models available also offer a variety of options to suit different advertising needs.

Flip Chart Holder Board

  • Material:Plastic,Woods,Pvc.
  • Feature:Dimensionally accurate,Easy to Write,Clear to Read,Easy to wipe
  • Type:Charts
  • Use:School, Office
  • Color:White
  • Dimensions:700 x 1000 Millimeter (mm)
  • Shape:rectangular board
Price: 2400.00 INR/Piece

Catalogue Stand

  • Type:Other Advertising Supplies
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Main Material:Other Material
  • Product Name:Magazine Stand
  • Color:Black
  • Use:Magazine Rack
  • Foldable:1
Price: 1800 INR/Piece